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My name is Marilyn Faveira and my husband is Mauro Rodrigues. I am a former Fashion Designer, Event Planner, an English teacher as a second language and because I love coffee, a former Barista in a real amazing coffee shop located in Toronto, “Krave Coffee”. Mauro, while living in Portugal and born close to a Monastery, famous for their traditional pastries with centuries of history, felt inspired to work as a Barista in several pastry shops. Later on, he developed his passion in the kitchen, when serving in the army.

I am a full time mom of three adorable children and Mauro is a full time painter and carpenter. I am the author, photographer and recipe maker of our blog. For now, baking homemade meals, desserts and treats is my evening and weekend hobby with the goal of making it our full-time job. On the other hand, baking bread has become my full-time job and we are planning on making our delicious recipes for others to enjoy while we are making our own dinner for ourselves. We are devoted to our family, home baking, and sharing our passion on food, recipes, life and those who have inspired us.

We would absolutely enjoy to see the food that you’re making, baking or what you have ordered from us. It would be AMAZING, if you tag @greenhousepantry in your Instagram photos! Every day, I will be sharing it on my story for everyone to see with a great thank you for sharing.

Our food Blog

We recreate Traditional Portuguese dishes as well as our own creative fusion cuisine, we discover new flavours and ways to mix ingredients. Our cooking is a reflection of the different European countries that we have visited and the ones we might one day visit. In our kitchen we travel around Europe and that is what makes us happy.

We want to inspire young cooks, moms and dads, friends and family, newbies and foodies to join us on our journey in the kitchen. Without spending a lot, we show you how to cook simple, healthy, stunning recipes.

We hope you sit for a while and enjoy our blog.

If you would like to join our Facebook group food and family on a budget, you are welcome to do so. Let’s help each other find ways to stay on budget. https://www.facebook.com/groups/foodandfamilyonabudget/

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