Homemade Solids

Homemade Solids

Today is a special day here @familyfoodaroundtheclock. Our youngest team member has just turned 7 months. Her bottom teeth are just showing. She enjoys standing on those chubby, adorable legs of hers. Such an amazing girl!

She is also enjoying her delicious homemade meals. They are simple and easy to make.


At home we prepare single veggie purees, so she can pick up all those rich flavours from each veggie. When we combine them on her plate, you have gorgeous colours and every bite is different. You can also figure out which veggie your baby really enjoys or not!

puree green

What we also do is prepare her meals for the week. So after cooking, baking or sauteing with no salt we let them cool and puree each one in a blender until smooth. We then transfer the puree into ice trays and store them in the freezer for the week.


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