In this section of our blog, we will share with you a little bit of what is going on inside and outside our kitchen.

  • The making of our kitchen: Yes, we literally built our new kitchen from scratch. We can’t wait to show it!
  • Spending less: How not to spend a lot on groceries, when making healthy delicious food.
  • Travelling: Sharing delicious meals everywhere we travel.
  • Home: We just bought our new home is 2019, and we are overwhelmed with what has to be done.
  • parenthood: In less than 3 years, we became parents to two beautiful girls. It has been one of the main reasons why we had to stop blogging for a while.
  • Sustainable garden: Having a backyard has been a blessing! We are able to grow our own fruits and vegetables.

I share a little bit of my life with friends and family on my Instagram page @marilynfaveira. I would love if you could follow me there.